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Administrative Law

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Andy Montroll

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Rob Backus

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Mark Oettinger

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How We Can Help

All of our partners have experience prosecuting, defending, and serving as hearing officer, in administrative cases. As General Counsel for the Vermont Agency of Education, Mark Oettinger prosecuted educator licensing cases, and served as hearing officer in a broad range of administrative proceedings, including residency appeals, tuition disputes, and special education audits. He contracted with, and oversaw, independent hearing officers and mediators in special education, licensing and home study cases. He also served as vice-chair of the Interagency Committee on Administrative Rules (ICAR). He trained hearing officers who conduct hearings under the Administrative Procedure Act, and is therefore intimately familiar with the Rules of Civil Procedure, and the Rules of Evidence. Prior to working for the State of Vermont, Mark defended licensing cases for doctors, nurses, engineers, surveyors, and many other licensed professions. Rob Backus served as senior prosecutor of licensing cases for six years at the Office of Professional Regulation. Andy Montroll has served as hearing officer in licensing, special education, and home study cases for the Vermont Agency of Education.

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