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An appeal is the review by a higher court or governmental body after there has been a trial or hearing resulting in a judgment or order in a lower court or governmental body.

If you disagree with a decision that affects you, you may have grounds for appeal, or you may have won in the first hearing and the other side has filed an appeal. If this happens, we suggest that you promptly consult with an appellate attorney since many “appeal periods” are quite short. You also need to make sure that procedures were followed correctly and that you are able to successfully pursue or defend the appeal.

Our attorneys are highly experienced at working with appellate judges. Immediately following law school graduation, Andy Montroll, Rob Backus, and Mark Oettinger all clerked for state supreme court justices, where they assisted their justices in researching issues before the court and in writing opinions. They all have experience arguing appeals in Vermont courts and governmental bodies.

When you want to ensure that you present the best possible appeal, or when you are facing a particularly challenging or complex case, our attorneys can help you pursue or defend your appeal. We also provide litigation support and trial support services, including researching and drafting pleadings and motions, preparing expert witnesses, helping to preserve objections, taking depositions, and recommending trial strategies. When you need overall guidance on an appeal, our skilled appellate lawyers are available to work with you.

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