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DUI means driving when you’ve had too much to drink or are under the influence of other substances. These substances can include depressants and prescription drugs. Rob Backus has many years of successful practice with DUIs, both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. Rob fully understands the legal and practical aspects of these cases. For many, DUI can have serious ramifications, including suspension of your license, possible jail time, and increased insurance costs. If you have been charged with DUI, the services Rob Backus provides will be useful to you.

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Rob Backus

Rob has been an attorney since 1985, giving him deep knowledge in a variety of areas. Rob is experienced in AdministrativeAppealsCivil & Commercial LitigationCriminal DefenseDUIFamilyGovernmentJuvenileProfessional LicensingNeighbor Disputes and Traffic Offenses.