Lescha Carpenter




  • BA, Religion, Philosophy & Art, Dartmouth College, 2001

  • MA, Diplomacy, Norwich University, 2018


  • Attorney Support

  • Client Contact

  • Communications


“I have visited all the inhabited continents on earth: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.”

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I see every chance to do a small kindness or show respect for another's view as leverage for a growing agency, a critical mass, that will escalate the value of justice in the eyes of the world community.

Lescha Carpenter

Lescha joined Montroll, Backus & Oettinger P.C., in July 2017 as transitional office administrative support and became a paralegal in September 2017. She provides client support and conducts legal research for the firm. 

Lescha grew up on the shores of Lake Erie and came to New England to pursue an education, in faith that a vocation might emerge. She completed her undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College, and later earned an MA in Diplomacy with a focus on International Conflict Prevention in June 2018. She has comprehensive background experience in mental health and disability rights advocacy, especially in the context of education and child welfare systems.  

As a strong advocate for survivors of social and political violence, Lescha has dedicated significant energy to serving refugee communities at both local and international levels. Lescha is currently enrolled in the Law Office Study Program and has evolving facility with complex conflict resolution. She is dedicated to providing a trauma-informed perspective on the process of mediating practical, human-scaled solutions in the legal arena.


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