More on Landlord & Tenant Law

Renting in Vermont can be a complex process. While tenancy disputes are never a desired component of renting, they often arise and can be difficult to resolve. Some tenancy disputes can be settled directly through conversations between the landlord and tenant, but some require additional assistance.

When do I need to retain an attorney?

If your dispute cannot be settled through conversations between both parties, it may be beneficial to hire an attorney to provide mediation services or to represent you in court. As mediators, our attorneys provide dispute resolution and can help you avoid taking your issue to court. Mediation is often cost effective and less time consuming than formal court processes. If your dispute cannot be resolved in mediation, our attorneys have experience representing clients on tenancy issues in court, and can work with you to address your issue. If you're seeking representation on a landlord/tenant dispute, call us today.

Knowing the terms of your lease and maintaining copies of all communications may be beneficial to the dispute process. Browse the linked resources for more helpful hints on renting in Vermont.