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Business Law

Our business-related services include legal supports for all types of business entities (sole proprietorships, corporations, partnerships, LLCs, PCs, and more). Choosing the correct business entity is an important first step. When operating the business, attention to required paperwork, such as articles of association, bylaws, meeting notices, minutes, annual reports, tax-related filings, and the like, is necessary for the owners of the business to fully enjoy the benefits of forming the entity (such as limitations on personal liability and optimal tax treatment). We encourage our clients to adopt the simplest legal structure that accomplishes their goals. We can also help clients establish in-house systems that allow them to manage their businesses with the greatest degree of autonomy and economy, while meeting all legal requirements.

Contract drafting and negotiating is an area in which lawyers can perform an extremely valuable service for their business clients. Most businesses engage in a limited number of categories of transactions. For example, a company that sells lumber and building supplies may sell to a retail clientele under one set of terms, and to contractors under a different set of terms. The same company may offer design services on an hourly basis, and may rent out equipment at a daily or weekly rate. Having properly vetted form contracts for each type of transaction can expedite the process, limit misunderstandings, and facilitate collection in the event of a breach of contract. For businesses which have employees, well-drafted employment agreements, employee handbooks, and workplace policies, can be the key to developing a top-notch work force and to minimizing staff turnover.

We are conversant with public and private procurement, regulatory compliance, risk management and insurance, protection of intellectual property, collections, sale of businesses, succession planning, and taxation.

We are also skilled at representing business clients in the courtroom, whether as plaintiffs or defendants, and we are intimately familiar with the benefits and limitations of all forms of alternative dispute resolution, including negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

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L. Randolph Amis has practiced law for over 30 years, covering real estate, business and estates. L. Randolph Amis is experienced in BusinessCommercial & Residential Real EstateNon-ProfitProbate & Trust Administration and Wills & Trusts.