Zoning & Land Use

If you are a commercial developer or homeowner looking to renovate, our zoning and land use attorneys can help you understand the pertinent regulations and obtain the required permits.

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Andy Montroll

Andy is a long-term commissioner for the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission.

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Evan Barquist

Evan provides experienced advice on how to proceed with appeals to a land use or zoning decision.

How We Can Help

Regulation of the use of real property (land and buildings) now occurs at all levels of government. Whether you are establishing a new business, building a home, or replacing a septic system, all require you to meet Vermont state and local zoning laws. Failure to properly fill out the paperwork or to obtain the necessary permits can delay or even halt your building project. Don’t let Vermont’s potentially confusing zoning laws prevent you from operating your business or building your dream home.

Vermont zoning laws require land and homeowners to meet specific rules before any project is started. For instance, most towns in Vermont require a zoning or building permit before you add a deck or a fence to your home. Septic systems cannot be replaced without having environmental and zoning permits. Everything you do on your land must meet state regulations. Only an experienced and knowledgeable attorney in Vermont zoning laws can ensure that your project meets local and state laws.

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