Montroll, Backus & Oettinger, P.C.
Experience. Integrity. Results.


Montroll, Backus & Oettinger, P.C.


Experience. Integrity. Results.

Montroll, Backus & Oettinger, P.C. is a general practice law firm in Burlington, Vermont. With extensive experience in the profession, our lawyers provide strong, focused, and effective legal representation.

Andy Montroll, Rob Backus, Mark Oettinger, and L. Randolph Amis are exceptionally qualified to serve their clients due to their well-honed legal skills and years of practice. Extensive experience produces knowledge, judgment, and wisdom. Our firm's attorneys are all well known and highly respected within the Vermont legal community. Their demonstrated integrity has earned them the trust of the courts, government agencies, and their fellow practitioners. Their work produces results, which every Montroll, Backus & Oettinger client can expect.

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