Student Discipline

If you are facing disciplinary action at your college or university, your scholarships or student status may be at risk. We understand that this process may be confusing, scary, and frustrating. Mark Oettinger is a skilled education law attorney and has experience representing students on disciplinary issues.

At your hearing, you are entitled to the presence of an adviser of your choice. These hearings are often serious and carry real consequences. Montroll, Backus & Oettinger, P.C. is available to guide you through your disciplinary hearing and represent you against any related criminal charges.

Montroll, Backus & Oettinger, P.C. can help you on a wide array of disciplinary proceedings, including:

  • Title IX Violations
  • Plagiarism
  • Alcohol Violations
  • Illicit Drugs Violations
  • Sexual Harassment and Misconduct
  • Discrimination and Harassment

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