Hanah Kelly leaves MBO

In May, Hanah graduated with a Master of Science in Global Studies and International Relations with a Concentration in Conflict Resolution from Northeastern University. She maintained a 3.9 GPA throughout her program while also completing two internships. One was at a non-profit start-up focused on healing the urban/rural divide in America and the other was at the Disability Resource Center at Northeastern. She now works as an Executive Assistant at a private equity firm in Boston. In her free time she enjoys scrapbooking, reading, playing cribbage, going to the beach, and traveling. 

“It is hard to sum up my experience with MBO. I have learned so much about many areas of the law from Mark, Rob, and Andy, which I am so appreciative of and hope to never forget. They provided mentorship in a positive work climate, and their passion for the law and helping their clients was evident, making supporting their work worthwhile. A big thank you to Michelle for educating me not only in how a company works, but how life does as well. Alex, your persistence and dedication to your work and throughout the law office study program proves what we all know, which is that you will be a Rockstar attorney very soon. Lastly, thank you to Randy, Nancy, Jenny, and Rory and the rest of the staff at MBO for being incredible people to work with and get to know. I wish nothing but the best for MBO and can’t wait to watch MBO continue to grow and prosper.”